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All graphics made for print use are created and saved at a high resolution of 300 dpi. Services in Print Graphics range from business cards to billboards.


Please check with your printer for specific file requirements. I provide the designs ready for print, not the acutal printing. Printing is available at an additional charge plus shipping and handling.

Every design job takes a different amount of time and effort so there is no flat rate. After filling out a design brief and discussing the budget we can determine how much a given project will cost. I promise affordable competitive rates for quality service and products.

Services include but are not limited to:

Logos, Banners, Advertisements, Brochures, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Business Cards, Stationary, Greeting Cards, Placards, Bookmarks, T-shirts, Posters, Illustrations, Cartoons, Mascots, Coupons, Gift Certificates, etc.


T-Shirt Design
Print Graphics